Safety & Preparation

  • Observe all safety precautions, laws and ordinances outlined in the “Trail Ride Rules” section of our website, particularly the use of helmets, eye protection, long-sleeved shirts, long pants, boots and gloves.
  • This is not a race. Speed is not a factor. Enjoy the beautiful forest and wildlife!
  • Be sure to have your license, registration and OHV decal available at all times. If you do not have your OHV decals, you can purchase online at or any MVD
  • To participate in the event, you will be required to sign a waiver of liability when you pick up your participant packet. All trail rides will leave from Tall Timbers Park in Overgaard Arizona check times of the rides you want to participate in. All Trail Descriptions are classified as to difficulty or trail and necessary rider skill experience and approximate length of trail. Please accurately assess in your rider experience so that we as ride facilitators will know where best to help you choose your rides so that you have a safe, enjoyable riding experience. “Beginner” is for the person who has never ridden before or has little experience and requires the easiest of trails. “Intermediate” is the some-what experienced, but skilled, competent rider who wants more challenging trails. “Advanced” is the rider who is more experienced with no limitations to his riding ability and who can handle the most challenging and demanding trails. We assume that each rider will accurately assess his own abilities and choose the trails which will not offer more challenges beyond his experience or ability.
  • All trails/roads used by Fun Run participants are understood to be two-way. Even on narrow trails, you may find someone coming on an UTV from the opposite direction. Watch carefully for oncoming traffic on all roads and trails. Please be courteous to other riders. When passing any dispersed campers, cabins, traffic or buildings please slow down and be courteous and safe also try to keep the dust down.
  • On each trail, you will want to be prepared for possible rain, wind, or cold evening weather. Please pack snacks, foods, water, and extra gas as needed for the trail. A raincoat or parka would be a good idea to have. We will be in monsoon weather and afternoon rain showers could be possible. You will want to pack your camera or binoculars for wildlife viewing and pictures. The mountain country is rich with wildlife.